Earning a Varsity Letter in Band

Lettering in Band


Students in the SWHS Band can earn a Letter (like those earned by participating in other ASB sanctioned activities/clubs or varsity athletics) by fulfilling the following requirements:

The Student:

  • Earned a “4” in Bandmanship each semester
  • Earned a “B” or better for the class each semester
  • Earned a “0” or “+1” on their Grand Master Scale Test
  • Earned a “0” or “+1” on their Marching Band and Pep Band attendance
  • Attended every major performance
  • Played with the Band at all pep assemblies and community parades
  • Made every attempt to avoid missing instructional/rehearsal time (frequent bathroom breaks, doing homework from other classes, returning late from morning break, frequently dysfunctional instrument, etc. are avoided)
  • Adhered to the uniform policy


Students wishing to receive a Band Letter, must complete the Band Letter Application and turn it in to Mr. Hendry before the End-of-Year Concert.