Uniforms have been inventoried and checked for damage before they are assigned during the school year.   Uniforms are not a “tailored fit” nor are they meant to be an individual’s “fashion statement.”   A uniform simply presents a good image when viewed from the audience’s perspective.   Each student is responsible for proper use, care, and storage of the uniform and all associated parts.

SWHS does not provide all of the uniform parts.   Students are responsible for providing black shoes and black socks.   Pant and gown length may be hemmed but no material is to be cut off the garments.

Uniform Rules:

•  In order to be allowed to perform, students must be wearing all the correct parts of the uniform.   This includes black shoes and black socks.

•  Uniforms are to be kept clean, dust and wrinkle free at all times.  Uniforms have been professionally cleaned over the summer months and are distributed to students in the fall.   Students will be responsible for cleaning their individual uniforms if they become unreasonably dirty during the school year.  Uniforms are to be dry cleaned only!!

         Exception: Tuxedo shirts are machine washable and should be washed after each use.

•  Marching uniforms need to be properly stored in the uniform closets after each performance.  Concert uniforms need to be taken home and properly stored after each performance.   Uniforms that have not been properly hung will be re-hung, for a fee.   Uniform parts left in the Band Room or hanging on lockers will be collected and can be reclaimed for a fee (so double check that you have everything before you leave!).   Fix any uniform deficiencies long before the day of the event.

•  Long hair is to be worn up and off of the collar (preferably tucked up into your marching hat).  NO jewelry of any kind is to be worn; this includes watches, rings, and sunglasses.

•  Students are to remain in full uniform when at performances, including Football and Basketball games.   This also includes halftime and any “breaks”.  

•  Foods and beverages that can be spilled, dripped, leaked, etc. will not be allowed in the band section of the bleachers at any time (Why? See rule #2 ).   Drinking water will be allowed if it is in a bottle that will not spill.   

•  Pants and dresses may need to be hemmed for individual fitting.   Please do not alter a uniform without checking with the Band Director first.  Do NOT cut any part of the uniform when altering, ever, for any reason, period.   End of story.  I mean it.  

•  In order to receive a Marching and Concert Uniform, students are required to pay a $36 cleaning fee.  This cleaning fee will ensure that the student receives clean uniforms.  The fee will be collected at the beginning of each school year.   Checks can be made out to the SW Band Parent Group.  


NOTE FROM MR. HENDRY - We do not want to exclude anyone from participating due to financial issues.  Anyone unable to obtain needed uniform parts should talk to the Band Director or the Parent Group for assistance.  Each matter will be handled individually and discreetly.