Can I Participate in Band and Sports?

At Sedro-Woolley High School, YOU CAN do both!  You can be in Band AND play sports!  
I was a 2 sport athlete in High School while being in Band, Jazz Band, and Marching/Pep Band for four years.  Those were great experiences and although life was busy from time to time, it was worth it to make it work out.  At SWHS, there have been numerous student musician/athletes who've participated in the following school sports teams: Football, Volleyball, Girls/Boys Soccer, Girls/Boys Tennis, Girls/Boys Swim, Cross Country, Track, Girls/Boys Basketball, Girls/Boys Golf, Wrestling, Baseball, Softball, and Cheerleading.  If someone's telling you it's not possible to do Band and sports, then they just don't know the truth, or they weren't willing to make both work.
One reason people assume that you can't do both Band and Sports is that if there is a schedule conflict, you have to quit one of the two activities.  That's just wrong.  I do my best to avoid scheduling conflicts by planning our evening events around sports practices and games.  However, sometimes conflicts happen.  When there is a conflict, if the student/parents communicate those conflicts in advance (preferably well in advance), we can work out a reasonable solution.
Here is my general approach to a schedule conflict, but as an athlete you must communicate any issues to me early and often.  Also, not all situations will fall into a simple flowchart, so always always always talk to me about conflicts so that we can come up with a mutually agreeable plan.
  • Band practice vs. School Sport Game/Match/Meet = go to sport
  • Band Concert vs. School Sport practice = go to Band
  • Band Concert vs. School Sport Game/Match/Meet = go to Band concert (but let's talk details and see if we can make both events work)
  • Band practice vs. School Sport practice = let's talk
Lastly, remember that it is the student's responsibility to know their schedule and all of their commitments both to sports and the Band.  Students should use a planner/calendar (paper or electronic) regularly to keep track of their busy lives.  The Band Calendar shows all of our Band events several months in advance and I update it often.  There should never be a surprise in a scheduling conflict.  Again, please plan ahead and let me know of any conflicts early and often.