World's Finest Chocolate

World's Finest Chocolate Bars  

Chocolate – Our first fundraiser of the year has begun.  We have World’s Finest Chocolate available for students/families that would like to participate in this fundraiser.  How it works:

  1. Bring $60 (cash/check payable to “SW Music Boosters”) to Mr. Hendry to pay for the chocolate.
  2. You earn $27 (45% profit) per box sold towards your individual account (Charms), which can be used to pay fees, the Disney trip, etc. 
  3. Sell the chocolate bars for $1 each.  Do NOT sell on campus between 7:55am and 2:30pm. 
Once you’ve sold all 60 chocolate bars in the box, you now have your $60 back.  Either keep it, or use it to buy another box of chocolate and earn another $27 for your account. 

Students are not allowed to sell chocolate on campus from 7:55am-2:30pm.