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SWSD Board of Directors appoints Dr. Miriam Mickelson as new Superintendent

Dr. Miriam Mickelson  

The Sedro-Woolley School District Board of Directors has appointed Dr. Miriam Mickelson, current Executive Director of Teaching and Learning in the Snohomish School District, as the new superintendent beginning July 1, 2021, pending contract negotiations between the district and the candidate.

“I am so honored to have Dr. Mickelson represent us,” Christina Jepperson, School Board President said. “I think she will do it with heart and compassion. I think she will move us forward. I think she will honor each and every person that she works with. I think she will honor each and every family member, community member and staff member.” 

The board echoed Jepperson’s thoughts during the early morning school board meeting held via Zoom with more than 80 people logged in as participants.

“I want to welcome Dr. Mickelson as our future superintendent,” Eric Johnson, School Board Vice President said. “We look forward to working with you. You are an incredible individual, with a high ceiling. We look forward to seeing just how high that ceiling goes. We look forward to developing a relationship with you. To introducing you to our community. Making you a part of our community and we welcome you.”

Jepperson said she wants Sedro-Woolley to know that Dr. Mickelson is going to listen to the community as she leads the school district.

“I really believe she wants your input and your guidance,” Jepperson said. “She wants to be a part of our family. I hope we all welcome her with open arms. That we take her in and make her a Cub and a part of our Sedro-Woolley community and family.”

Mickelson replaces Superintendent Phil Brockman who will retire this June after eight years in the position.

Board members said it was an especially difficult process because of Brockman’s incredible leadership.

“I’m just really excited to be part of this team and this community,” said School Board Director Enrique Lopez Cisneros. “I’m ready to move forward as one community. I am confident Dr. Mickelson will bring much light, hope and healing to our Sedro-Woolley community in so many innovative and equitable approaches. A big thank you to our current Superintendent Phil Brockman for the legacy he has created, such an honor to have worked with Phil.”

“I’m excited,” Brandon Bond, School Board Director said. “I’m saddened that it’s the end of an era. But it’s the beginning of a new era. The sky’s the limit. I’m excited to see where Dr. Mickelson is going to take us. We’re all going to be there to support her. I’m excited to see where she is going to take our district.”

Dr. Mickelson grew up in the Philippines. Her story includes using education to overcome poverty and she hopes to inspire students to understand that furthering their lives with additional training and skills will help them fulfill the district’s mission.  

“I feel inspired and I hope you do too,” said School Board Director Danielle Baird Russell.