• We welcome your suggestions and feedback.
    In order for us to most effectively and efficiently address an issue or concern, you are encouraged to first contact the person closest to the situation. School-related issues, including instruction and discipline, should be discussed with the person involved, such as the teacher. Please contact the following individuals in this order to resolve a concern:
    1.  Classroom Teacher/Individual
    2.  Principal/Program Manager/Supervisor
    3.  Executive Directors/Principal Evaluators 
    4.  Superintendent
    5.  School Board of Directors
    Please see Board Policy 4220 Complaints Concerning Programs or Staff, Board Policy 3241 Classroom Management, Corrective Actions or Punishment, and Board Policy 3207 Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying for additional information and procedures.
    Please also feel free to send constructive suggestions and/or comments to Jada Trammell
Last Modified on September 27, 2022