•  Community Relations

    Communications with the Public
    TOC Table of Contents
    4000 Public Information Program
    4000P -Procedure
    4010 Staff Communications Responsibilities
    4020 Confidential Communications
    4040 Public Access to District Records
    4040P -Procedure
    4050 Endorsement of Educational Materials
    4060 Distribution of Materials
    4060P -Procedure
    4070 Recognition of Staff and Community Members
    Public Participation in the Schools
    4110 Citizen's Advisory Committees and Task Forces
    4110P -Procedure
    4120 School Support Organizations
    4120P -Procedure
    4130 Title I/LAP Parent Involvement
    4130P -Procedure
    Public Access to Schools Staff and Students
    4200 Safe and Orderly Learning Environment
    4200P    -Procedure
    4205 Video Surveillance
    4205P -Procedure
    4210 Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises
    4215 Use of Tobacco on School Property
    4215P -Procedure
    4217 Effective Communication
    4218 Language Access Plan
    4218P ~Procedure
    4220 Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs
    4220P -Procedure
    4235 Public Performances
    4237 Contests, Advertising and Promotions
    4260 Use of School Facilities
    4260P -Procedure
    4260F -Forms
    4262 Community Emergency
    Relations with Other Agencies and Schools
    4310 Relations with the Law Enforcement, Child Protective  & the County Health Department
    4314 Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm
    4314P -Procedure
    4315 Release of Information Concerning Sexual and Kidnapping Offenders
    4320 Cooperative Program with Other Districts and Public Agencies
    4330 Cooperation with Private and Parochial Schools and Day Care Agencies
    4400 Election Activities
    4400P -Procedure