•  Community Relations

    Communications with the Public
    TOC Table of Contents
    4000 Public Information Program
    4000P -Procedure
    4010 Staff Communications Responsibilities
    4020 Confidential Communications
    4040 Public Access to District Records
    4040P -Procedure
    4050 Endorsement of Educational Materials
    4060 Distribution of Materials
    4060P -Procedure
    4070 Recognition of Staff and Community Members
    Public Participation in the Schools
    4110 Citizen's Advisory Committees and Task Forces
    4110P -Procedure
    4120 School Support Organizations
    4120P -Procedure
    4130 Title I/LAP Parent Involvement
    4130P -Procedure
    Public Access to Schools Staff and Students
    4200 Safe and Orderly Learning Environment
    4200P    -Procedure
    4205 Video Surveillance
    4205P -Procedure
    4210 Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises
    4215 Use of Tobacco on School Property
    4215P -Procedure
    4217 Effective Communication
    4218 Language Access Plan
    4218P ~Procedure
    4220 Complaints Concerning Staff or Programs
    4220P -Procedure
    4235 Public Performances
    4237 Contests, Advertising and Promotions
    4260 Use of School Facilities
    4260P -Procedure
    4260F -Forms
    4262 Community Emergency
    Relations with Other Agencies and Schools
    4310 Relations with the Law Enforcement, Child Protective  & the County Health Department
    4314 Notification of Threats of Violence or Harm
    4314P -Procedure
    4320 Cooperative Program with Other Districts and Public Agencies
    4330 Cooperation with Private and Parochial Schools and Day Care Agencies
    4400 Election Activities
    4400P -Procedure