• Library Checkout Guidelines

    For Students K-6

    1.  K-6 students may checkout 1-6 library books per day.  Students may checkout everyday as needed.

    2.  Students must return their old book to checkout a new one.  If a book is not returned, a second chance to checkout a book will be given at the discretion of the librarian or para.

    3.  If older grade level students are working on a report, they may checkout as many books as needed at the discretion of the librarian or para.

    4.  Theoretically, students are able to checkout any book they wish; however, the librarian or para will be assisting students to make the best possible choices in fiction, nonfiction, and everybody sections.

    5.  Book checkout is for one week.  Students may renew their book if they need it longer.

    6.  Kindergarten children will begin checking out books by the end of September.

    7.  Primary students will be referred to as "Chubby Checkers" and "Look-i-Loos."  Chubby Checkers are students who return books, and they get to "check" out a new book.  "Look-i-Loos" are students who may only "look" at books, but they are not able to checkout during library time because they did not return their library book.

    8.  Any book that is lost or damaged must be paid before receiving a report card (District Policy).  Please report any lost or damaged books to Mrs. Brune.

    Special Note:


    Students at Mary Purcell Elementary operate within an open library. 
    Thus, students are free to come to the library throughout the school day as
    granted by their homeroom teacher.
    Students are expected to be quiet and well-mannered at this time, and
    they must not interrupt any classes in session.
    If Mrs. Klaus is not scheduled to be in the library, students coming to the
    library must be accompanied by an adult.

     Please refer to Mrs. Klaus’ schedule.

    Thank you.



Last Modified on May 14, 2010