Mary Purcell Elementary             
    Expectations For Good Behavior

    1.  When the librarian is talking, students need to be listening.
    2.  Appropriate talking levels in the library are as follows:

            a.  Whisper during book checkout.
           b.  No talking during lessons and stories.
           c.  A normal voice during class discussions.
           d.  No interrupting the librarian is helping another student
                unless it is an emergency.

    3.  Always be considerate and respectful of other people in the library.
    4.  Students must walk to and from the library.
    5.  Absolutely, NO horsing around in the library.
    6.  Bathroom breaks are for emergencies only.
    7.  No eating or drinking in the library unless the librarian has provided the treats!
    8.  Checkout every book you take from the library.  The computer needs to scan each item.
    9.  Students in grades K-2 need to use a shelf marker.
    10. Treat materials, books and equipment nicely.
    11.  Please return all books on time.
    12. Any books or magazines read need to be put back correctly on the shelf.
    13. Always leave the library neat and tidy.  Chairs need to be pushed in under the tables.

    Following these rules will make the library a pleasant

    place we can all be proud of, and we can all enjoy. 

    The library is to be a quiet place. 

    Please remember, using the library is a privilege,

    and if you are not following the rules, you will be asked

    to leave the library.

Last Modified on May 14, 2010