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    During remote learning, this page is dedicated to providing you with local and online resources to help you and your family in talking about and navigating the big things happening in our world.  Whether you are looking for ways to talk to your child(ren) about race or the Coronavirus, needing information on community resources, wanting support with ways to decrease anxiety, or in the market for academic activities and ideas. . . the links and resources on the following pages are here for you! Remember that students will be looking to the adults and the world around them for ways to process and react during these uncertain times. Minimizing your child’s exposure to media, modeling and practicing healthy coping strategies together, and maximizing their opportunities for connection and positive activities at home can help mediate anxiety and fear during this time. 

    During the school closure, if you have any questions or concerns regarding your student, or need any support accessing community resources, I will be available via e-mail at csanchez@swsd101.org.

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