• Communications & Community Relations

    Communications and Community Relations provides information to a variety of stakeholders, including students, staff, families, news media and community members.

    We communicate accurate and timely news about schools, programs, achievements of students and staff, opportunities for input, decisions and district policies, programs, procedures, achievements, decisions, critical education issues and emergency/weather information. 

    School Communication Guide

     Communication Guide

    Guía de comunicación Escolar

    Media Relations

    Reporters can contact Ruth Richardson, Public Information Officer, at 360-855-3839.


    The Insider is our community newsletter. It is mailed to homes and businesses two times per year. 

    Social Media Guidelines

    Sedro-Woolley School District uses social media to share achievements, activities and other information related to the school district and the community. SWSD has the following official social media platforms, which are managed by the Public Information Office: 

    Schools, school clubs, teams, departments and divisions are encouraged to create associated accounts on these social media platforms for the same purpose.

    Content Standards

    Material posted on official channels and associated accounts should reflect Sedro-Woolley School District Board Policies No. 3207 Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying and 3207P Procedure Prohibition of Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying and should be consistent with the Student Guidebook.

    Concerns about safety or actions counter to these guidelines or Student Code of Conduct should be reported to the Public Information Officer. Public comments or direct messages are not an official method of reporting a concern.

    Questions, comments and inquiries posted or sent to official accounts will be responded to on days and times when school is in session or during normal business hours. Content requests will be accepted and approved only if the material is consistent with specified standards. Comments on posts are allowed if they meet these guidelines.

    Posting Requests

    Information posted on official social media channels is an extension of information posted on the district  website. Requests to post information about events, achievements and services should be submitted via email at least one week prior to anticipated posting date or within sufficient time for review. Posting requests submitted without sufficient review time will be rejected or posted at a later date. Internal requests for guidance on potential submissions will be accepted and are encouraged prior to extensive video production.

    All submissions must:

    • Address activities within the school or local community that may be of interest to followers, or showcase activities of individuals or groups within the school.
    • Avoid the use of copyright-protected material including images, video, music or slogans.
    • Contain material that is free of bias.
    • Not be affiliated with a political party or organizations advancing beliefs contrary to the school’s vision and values, or whose activities are outside the scope of the school.
    • Be sized in a 16x9 format for Facebook and Twitter, and a 1:1 format for Instagram.

    Video length and file size should be consistent with the posting guidelines of the intended platform.

    • Clearly outline all needed information including date, time, location and sponsoring

    The Public Information Officer will make the final decision on posting requests based on the material submitted, space availability, and social media platform considerations.

    Public Comments

    Followers of Sedro-Woolley School District’s social media channels are welcome to comment on public posts. However, statements, graphics, links, videos or audio files that are not consistent with the student Code of Conduct or the following social media guidelines may be removed. Students violating any of these guidelines on or with school property, or while representing the school, may be subject to disciplinary action.

    We do not allow:

    • Obscene, racist, defamatory, libelous, vulgar, abusive, offensive or disrespectful comments or Profane words include those that use symbols, abbreviations and alternative spellings.
    • Posts that are threatening or demeaning to others or criticizing a specific person.
    • Off-topic or disruptive interactions.
    • Comments that include stereotypes of any group.
    • Graphics or posts that raise privacy concerns. 
    • Posts that advocate illegal activity. 
    • Promotion of products, services, political organizations/campaigns, or religious beliefs/organizations.
    • Infringement of copyrights or trademarks, including graphics, music and logos. 

    Use of Direct Messaging

    Direct messaging within a social media platform, for the purposes of asking a question or seeking clarification about an activity, is accepted although email is preferred. Questions will be addressed in the order they are received, or when an answer is available, during normal business hours.

    Comments and posts expressed by followers on our social media pages do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of the District, Board of Education, its employees or students. Individuals or accounts that interact with our social media channels may be blocked if they violate our guidelines.