Family, Career & Community Leaders of America

  • FCCLA helps students...

    • Develop career skills and learn to balance career and family responsibilities
    • Strengthen home and family life
    • Prepare for community living as responsible citizens
    • Experience the connection between career and technical and academic skills
    • Improve self-esteem
    • Practice and apply creative and critical thinking
    • Understand themselves and their relationships with others
    • Develop a personal leadership style
    • Identify concerns, make decision and carry out activities
    • Experience the satisfaction of helping others
    • Observe Family and Consumer Sciences-related careers
    • Gain recognition for accomplishments
    • Build supportive relationships with teachers in a less formal atmosphere
    • Achieve established performance standards and competencies

    FCCLA helps schools...

    • Motivate and improve students' attitudes twoard school and learning
    • Facilitate the transition from school to career
    • Demonstrate how academic lessons are applied through FACSE programs
    • Integrate life skills into FACES classes, making school and life relevant to one another
    • Gain community support for programs
    • Prepare employable citizens
    • Support school activities
    • Demonstrate classroom learning in the community 
    • Build support systems for students


    There are a number of programs for students to get involved with as a member of FCCLA including:

    FCCLA National Programs      FCCLA Competitive Events     FCCLA Step1 Webquest    FCCLA Goal Setting Program