• LAP Program Overview

    The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) is Washington's state-funded program (WAC 392-162 and Chapter 28A.165 RCW) that provides additional academic support to eligible students.

    Eligible Students

    Eligible students are those achieving below grade level on the state’s assessment, and 11th and 12th grade students at risk of not graduating. Achievement on district assessment of basic skills may also be considered.

    LAP funds are available to support programs in grades K-12 in reading, writing, mathematics, and readiness for those subjects.

    Eligible Programs

    LAP funds are available to support programs in grades K-12 in:

    Readiness for Reading, Writing and Mathematics

    SWSD LAP Programs:

    10 SWSD schools have a LAP Program serving eligible students. To learn more about the program in your building, contact:

     Big Lake Elementary – Matt Lutes, mlutes@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3525
    Central Elementary – Nicole Seegers, nseegers@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3560
    Melissa Stahlbergmstahlberg@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3560
    Clear Lake Elementary – Michael Parke, mparke@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3530
    Evergreen Elementary – Becky Studebaker, bstudebaker@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3545
    Lyman Elementary – Scott McPhee, smphee@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3535
    Mary Purcell Elementary – Christina Leber, cleber@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3555
    Samish Elementary – Anndrea Russell, arussell@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3560
    Cascade Middle School – Merideth Hansen, mhansen@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3520
    SW High School – Gary Warman. gwarman@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3510
    State Street High School – Barb Askland, baskland@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3550
    Sedro-Woolley School District Contact – Mike Schweigert, mschweigert@swsd101.org, (360) 855-3857


    Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)

    Visit here to learn more about LAP