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         Hello!  My name is Crickett Knutzen, however, the students usually call me "Mrs. K".  I graduated from WSU with a degree in education and received my Masters Degree in School Counseling from Western Washington University.  I've been married to my husband, Ron, for 37 years and we have three grown, married children.  I have also been a volunteer firefighter for 32 years and an E.M.T. for 28 years. 
         The counseling office is probably best known for "study buddies".  I get to see many of the 4th-6th grade students the days I work, usually Tuesdays, all day, and Thursday mornings. I am in the primary rooms as much as time allows.  I also go into the classrooms for group work and see individual students for a variety of reasons.  Parents are always welcome in my office and are encouraged to see me when there are questions about their children, when life circumstances change or general questions.  The goal is for the parents, teachers, and students to work as a unit to improve academically, socially and personally.  Good communication is essential and consistency makes a big difference.  Children are exciting and dynamic but not always easy to raise.  When we support one another we can achieve great goals.
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