Lynn Davis


    Welcome to First Grade !

         Welcome to one of the most exciting and incredible years your child will have in his or her school career!  First grade is a year of important transition and new learning adventures.  During First Grade, the children will learn how to read, write stories, add, subtract, spell, and more.  I hope that this is the most fun, exciting, and creative year for your child.  My wish is to instill a love of learning that will last throughout your child's life.
         First Grade is a big transition from Kindergarten.  The children will hopefully gain a lot of responsibilty this year.  It is important to remember that each skill builds on another skill and that this is a gradual process.  Each child will progress at his or her own rate. 
         Here are some suggestions for you to help with at home.
    • Celebrate your child's success no matter how small it may seem.  This will make your child proud and enthusiastic about learning and their work.
    • Look for and read the paper's sent home in your child's "Take Home Folder" every night.  This will have important information about homework and events going on in our class.
    • Read to and with your child everyday.  The more your child is exposed to language, the easier and better reader they will become.  When mini-books are sent home please take the time to listen to your child read these books!


Last Modified on March 27, 2008