•  Samish Tech Expectations

    1.  Sit down in your assigned seat that should already be turned towards the teaching screen.  Listen for instructions.


    2.  Wait for the signal to lift the computer monitor "cover" and log in to begin Tech Assignment.


    3.  Stay on assigned sites.  Go to other sites or “Google” only with permission.


    4.  At end of Tech class, please:

    ·       Log Off

    ·     Put your headphones neatly to the left of your Keyboard.

    ·     Straighten up your mouse.

    ·   Put the “cover” back onto the monitor.

    ·       Turn your chair towards the Teaching Screen.  Please stand next to it and wait to be excused to line up.


    5.  If you have a question, please ask.

Last Modified on November 18, 2014