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    Dear Parents,

        Welcome to second grade! It is exciting to begin a new year with your child. I look forward to getting to know your child as an individual and watching the growth and progress that takes place within a year. Here is some information to help you with your child’s homework.

    Take Home Folder:

        On the first day of school I will give each student a plastic folder. Inside the folder are labels “Bring Back to School” on one side and “Stay at Home" on the other. I will instruct the students when they need to bring papers back to school. “Back to School” papers should be read every night and need to be signed by you. The “Stay at Home” side of the folder is typically for corrected papers and or information from school that doesn’t need to be signed but needs to be read.

        We will have a weekly homework packet which will need to be initialed daily. Your initials represent the fact that you know what homework your child needs to work on each night and that it has been completed. The front of the homework packet lets you know about any upcoming activities and field trips. 

    Reading at Home:

        Your child should read for at least 15 minutes every night and later in the year for 20 minutes or more. Reading should include a decodealbe booklet that will be sent home each week, and of course, books! The decodeable booklets contain words with sound spellings we have practiced. The first few decodeables are very short and simple but as the year progresses they increase in complexity. Repeated reading of these books is very beneficial. Please initial the title page of the booklet after it has been read a few times and have your child bring it back to school. I will stamp it, return it, and give a treat to your child. If your child reads to a younger sibling he or she may include this as part of their reading homework.

    Spelling Words:

         We will have a list of spelling words to practice each week along with a spelling worksheet. These words relate to the sound spellings taught each week and are used in the decodeable booklets that your child will bring home to read.

    Math Facts

         I will send home a practice math fact sheet each week. This can be completed or your child can practice them out loud, write them down, play card or board games that involve addition and subtraction, or you can quiz your child. The sooner your child is fluent with addition and subtraction facts the better. If math facts are practiced in a way other than the math fact sheet, please note what was done on the front of the homework packet. The goal is for your child to make progress not to worry about how fast someone else is moving through their math facts. The purpose is for your child to be able to mentally add or subtract math facts up to eighteen.


        Each weekly packet of homework will have a cover page listing the homework with a place for you to initial that your child has completed the assignments. I will also list P.E. and library days and any other current activities for the week.                     


        I welcome parents who wish to volunteer in the classroom. There will be a sign up sheet in your child's take home folder to let me know if you can help.


        Please feel free to call or come in if you have any questions. I am excited to share a year together with you and your child.

    ***Please send in a note letting me know how your child will be getting home or bus number if your child is riding the bus. 








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