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    Marlis Kuusela



    Welcome to Central's 5th grade
    The 5th grade program is team taught by two teachers with distinct specialties in instruction. 
    Mrs. Kuusela focuses on Reading and Science while Mrs. Steinman teaches Math and Social Studies. 
    The curriculum is intensive in both classes and prepares the students for higher level thinking and organizational skills to succeed throughout life.  We have high expectations and our students never fail to impress us with their efforts.

    5th GRADE Reading, Writing, Spelling and Science

    Reading- The reading program uses Open Court as a base to study unit topics like Astronomy, The Civil War, and Cultural units of study.  While students read the stories from Open Court, additional materials in mind map visual thinking, Social Studies text, and musical connections are supplemented to aid in comprehension skills. The AR reading program is also part of reading expectations with individual goals set for each trimester.  Students work to achieve their goals through their reading and testing in the AR computer tracked program.
    Writing- Skills in writing are a focus in the 5th grade.  Special care is spent teaching the mechanics of good, clear summary writing.  Teaching students how to answer questions in a precise informative manner called "restating the question" is a new daily exercise students practice.  Peer editing is also a key factor in learning how to write by scanning each other's work for grammar, spelling, punctuation, voice and clarity of ideas.
Last Modified on March 27, 2008