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    My name is Brenna Zavala and I was born in Mount Vernon, Washington and I attended La Conner High School.  From there, I attended Central Washington University on a track scholarship and received my BA in elementary education.  I received my Master's of Education degree from Lesley University.  I taught 6th grade in the Darrington School District for three years and then began teaching at Cascade Middle School.  I have been teaching English and social studies at Cascade Middle School since 2000.  Coaching track is one thing I really enjoy and have been coaching for 12 years. Spending time with my family and friends is something I always look forward to.  I am married with four busy boys, ranging in age from 17-10. If you see me outside of school, I am sure it will be at a sporting event.  During football season I watch around five games a week.   


    7th grade social studies department
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    Brenna Zavala

     7th grade

    The goals this year in seventh grade social studies are:  achievement in geography and exploration of ancient cultures of the Eastern hemisphere, including world religions.   The first trimester focuses on the five themes of geography and early man.  The second trimester focuses on early religions, Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt. The third trimester focuses on ancient Greece and Rome, along with Medieval times.  The culminating project of 7th grade social studies is the Medieval Faire, always held in June.  Throughout the year we will be doing tons of fun projects and writing a variety of research papers.  All of the curriculum will stress a strong focus on reading and writing, and will be aligned with the state GLE's ( grade level expectations). 
    The textbooks we use are: Geography: Tools and Concepts, Eastern Hemisphere, and The Ancient World.

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