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    Mrs. Lewis has taught at Cascade Middle School for eight years.  She has taught Core, English, and social studies.  Mrs. Lewis is a native of New York, but has lived on the West Coast since 1997; living first in Bend, OR, and then moving to Deming, WA.  Mrs. Lewis moved to the West Coast to pursue her dreams of being a competitive snowboarder, but after an injury, settled on teaching young minds.  She is a graduate of the University of New York and received her BA in US history; she also received her MA in secondary education from Western Washington University.  Mrs. Lewis is happily married with a young daughter and son.  Mrs. Lewis's activities and hobbies are: traveling, shopping, snowboarding, and watching UFC fights and hockey games.

    7th grade social studies & 8th grade US history


    7th grade
    The goals this year in seventh grade social studies are:  achievement in geography and exploration of ancient cultures of the Eastern hemisphere, including world religions.   The first trimester focuses on the five themes of geography and early man.  The second trimester focuses on early religions, Mesopotamia, and ancient Egypt. The third trimester focuses on ancient Greece and Rome, along with Medieval times.  The culminating project of 7th grade social studies is the Medieval Faire, always held in June.  Throughout the year we will be doing tons of fun projects and writing a variety of research papers.  All of the curriculum will stress a strong focus on reading and writing, and will be aligned with the state GLE's ( grade level expectations). 
    The textbooks we use are: Geography: Tools and Concepts, Eastern Hemisphere, and The Ancient World.
    7th grade social studies department
    Mrs. Lewis
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    Mr. Bradley
    8th grade
    8th grade US history is a mix of Washington State history and US history.  The first trimester looks at Washington State geography, geology, and  early Native Americans, plus a heavy focus on current events, including the upcoming elections.   The second trimester examines the Revolutionary War and the creation of a new country.  The third trimester looks at immigration, the Civil War, and Reconstruction.  This year will be special with the election of a new President of the US-expect a fun project!  Plus, students are expected to create two research papers/projects on a famous person in US history and one on immigration.   All of the curriculum will stress a strong focus on reading and writing, and will be aligned with the state GLE's (grade level expectations).
    The textbooks we use are: Washington in the Pacific Northwest and America: History of Our Nation, Beginnings Through 1877.
    This year is exciting because we will be piloting a new textbook!  We are very excited about our new book; students will even be able to access the textbook online.   We should start using our new textbooks in October, and I will give out instructions on how to access everything on the web at that time.  Yes!
    8th grade US History department
    Mrs. Howell
    Mrs. Lewis
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