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    Greetings. We will be spending the next school year together learning some great math techniques and applications. Here is a quick timeline of where I've been the last few years:
    1982 Graduate of Sehome High School, Bellingham, Washington.
    1982-1986 Honorable Discharge U.S.M.C..
    1986-1994 Graduate of Western W.U., Bellingham, Washington.
    1994-2004 Cascade Middle School
    2004-2012  Skagit Valley Realtor.
    2008- Present  Cascade Middle School.
    For some more insight, take a peek at the following list.

    1)      “Without you, I have nothing.”

    2)      You will be dismissed when the bell rings only if everyone is seated.

    3)      Four of my passions are math, motorcycles, sailing, and soccer.

    4)      Choices are a big part of your time with me.

    5)      Show work? This is a show work class. Answers are easy; in fact, half of them are in the back of the book. It’s the understanding that matters.

    6)      I have a condition sometimes know as “hyper-sensitivity.” I hear every click, pop, snap, and whisper, so we’ll keep a pretty calm and quiet room.

    7)      I often switch hats, and hope you will learn to switch hats with me. Try not to get caught wearing the wrong hat.

    8)      If you want credit for your work it must have the following on the top of the page: first and last name, period, assignment, and a score.

    9)      Our goal is to finish our work in class – which translates into more understanding and less homework.

    10)  Please don’t steal my stuff, and rest assured I won’t steal yours.

    11)  I do want to know, so make time to tell.

    12)  I care about manners, manners that will help you move from circle to circle.

    13)  You have got to do your homework. You have got to do your homework. You have got to do your homework.

    14)   Invest in yourself.

    15)   When you say, “I need help,” I say, “You bet!”

    16)   When I say "jump," you say, “how high?”

    17)   Where there is a will there is a way. If I offered four tickets to Disney Land for completing an assignment, you would get that assignment done, no matter what. You can do your homework. There is no excuse.

    18)   I believe you need time away from school to be a kid, time to play and explore. I will factor that in when creating homework.

    19)   If you litter in our room you will owe us five days of after class clean up.

    20)   I don’t much send students out of the room for poor behavior, so expect to stick around and resolve the problem.

    21)   Write on our desks and you will owe us lots of desk cleaning. Imagine your first car. It’s beautiful, and you love it. Imagine getting up one day and seeing “Adam Acosta was here” scratched onto the hood. Yikes! Don’t worry, though, I won’t write on your stuff.

    22)   Simply say, “Pass” if you don’t want to answer a question, and we will move to the next person.

    23)   Late work? If you are willing to do the work I am willing to accept it. Doing the work means showing the work for each problem.

    24)  Tests cannot be retaken.

    25)  Do not work on homework at the start of class, especially with your neighbor’s paper out in front of you. You will both loose your paper. (Which also means don’t lend your paper to someone else).

    26)   Oh, oh, oh, very important – if you communicate during a test (think now, how simple it is to “communicate”?) you will get a zero for that test or quiz. I’m not kidding. I will shred your test if you communicate during the test taking period.

    27)   If you desire a privilege, ask me one-on-one, not in front of the group. This will greatly increase your chances of getting a “yes” answer.

    28)   Be part of the solution.

    29)   Remember, “Without you, I have nothing.”

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