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    Welcome to Life Skills!

    Life Skills

    There are 16 students enrolled in The Life Skills Program this year! There are also 5 TAs. Eight students are already in their adult transition program and there are eight students in grades 9-12.
    Tuesday mornings Becky Goodell provides direct Physical Therapy services for students.
    Wednesday 10:00 to 1:00 is our community access day. Dianna Cole is our bus driver. We will be starting with two outing sessions each Wedenesday, allowing students with different needs and schedules to access the community. As the year progresses we will going to the Bellingham Aquatic Center for swimming, as well as a variety of theme related outings.
    Thursday Kelly Stilwell provides Speech and Language services through small group and direct one on one services. Kelly also meets with a larger group of students once a month for Social Language Skills Group.

Last Modified on March 20, 2008