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    BEGINNING DRAMA (Drama I) This class will get you up and moving. You will have the opportunity to explore the first fundamental building blocks of acting. We will work on basic voice techniques, introductory physicalization, improvisation, and scene work. Emphasis will be placed on overcoming stage-fright and applying basic public speaking skills to other areas of life and other classes. This class is a great deal of fun and a great deal of work.
    INTERMEDIATE DRAMA (Drama II) This is a dynamic continuation of Drama I. This class will explore, in more depth, all the basic elements of theatre. Along with the basics of voice and speech, you will also have the opportunity to begin studying the beginnings of directing and producing. This is done through in-class scene work and planned improvisational workshops.
    ADVANCED DRAMA (Drama III) You must audition for this production intensive class. You are not required to have completed Drama I or Drama II, but you are encouraged to have some theatre background before being considered for this class. The audition process and schedule will be attached at a later date.



    LEADERSHIP I (Second Semester) Want to get involved with student events at S.W.H.S. but not sure how?? This is the class for you! This hands-on class will give you the chance to learn time-management, goal-setting, team-building, event planning, and much, much more. You will work behind the scens to make assemblies and other events successful. You will learn how to effectively publicize events using a vaiety of approaches.
    LEADERSHIP II (First Semester) This class is for students who have successfully completed Leadership I and want to take on a higher degree of responsibility regarding student Leadership at S.W.H.S. This class will extend and increase involvement. Initial focus is Homecoming and all the events surrounding this exciting week of activities. Subsequent responsibliites include, Veteran's Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Recognition.


    JUNIOR ENGLISH (English 11) This class follows the curriculum and guidelines established by the Sedro-Woolley High School English Department. General emphasis will be placed on the Junior Research Paper, Poetry, and Literature. Specific emphasis will be placed on contempory playwrights,  study will include character analysis, plot development and literary merit.
    SENIOR ENGLISH (Collection of Evidence) For those students who have not yet passed the Reading and Writing sections of the Washington Assesment of Student Learning, this class offers an alternative process for graduation.

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