Classroom Expectations

    Classroom Standards and Expectations:


    Working in a computer lab environment creates a special set of challenges for both the student and the instructor. I have tried to create a safe, effective, challenging work environment that will allow for student success, to that end students are held to the following:


    • All school rules as set forth in the Student Handbook will be enforced. This includes, but is not limited to, behavioral standards, dress code, and honesty. Students are responsible for reading the Student Handbook and being aware of the information. Ignorance is not an excuse for accountability.

    • Students are required to be in their seats and ready for class when the second bell (tardy bell) rings. You are not on time if you are jumping through the door, or wandering around the classroom when the bell rings. (Think of arriving at the airport while your plane is rolling down the runway).  Students who arrive late to class must correctly fill out a tardy form (at the door) and hand it in to the instructor in order to be counted as present

    • Be There. Student attendance is directly connected to student success. If a student misses class they are responsible for obtaining the missed work (either on line, from another student, or from the instructor). Students can not truly master the subject matter if they are not in class.

    • Students are responsible for maintaining a positive, polite, effective work environment. Enter the room quietly and respectfully. Talking should be done in low tones (think indoor voice). Pay attention and take notes when the instructor is speaking.  Under no circumstances are students to touch another's personal belongings, computers, work stations, or projects. Students will NOT throw or toss anything in the classroom.

    • Personal Media devices will not to be used or displayed during class time. This includes, but is not limited to; cell phones, mp3 players, IPods, and hand held gaming devices. The Student Handbook addresses these issues and describes procedures for confiscation and consequences.

    • Food and drinks are not allowed in room C-144 at any time. The reasons for this are self explanatory. Finish your food and drink before entering the classroom. Eating in the hallway does not excuse you from being on time for class.

    Unwillingness to meet classroom standards will result in the following:


    a.    Warning

    b.    Referral/Parental contact

    c.    Removal from class/suspension of computer privileges

Last Modified on August 24, 2010