• Web Page Design

    Web Design is a, project-based curriculum that teaches digital communication skills in the context of the professional web design and development process, using Adobe web tools. Digital Design develops four key skill areas:


    • Project management and collaboration

    • Design

    • Research and communication

    • Professional web-authoring tools


    Students develop these key skills in a spiral—each project adds more challenging skills onto the foundation proficiencies. Digital Design addresses each of these areas, using a project-based approach. Each project has phases that follow a design and development process, from project planning to evaluation and launch. To simulate a professional work environment, students gradually migrate their design work from an individual process to a group process.


    Design and technical work by its very nature is iterative, so the projects contain activities that require students to evaluate and then redesign and rework their communications. Specific attention has been paid to developing concepts and principles for thorough, effective design.


    I intend to make the class a successful experience for each student.  In addition, I believe it is important for students to understand that the workplace demands quality standards, as well as appropriate work attitudes and behaviors. It is the responsibility of students to arrange for making up any missed assignments when they are absent.


    Grades are posted regularly through the Skyward computer grading system.  Each student has a password to access the program, and I strongly recommend you and your son or daughter check this program regularly.  In order to receive credit for this course, students must follow school attendance and tardy policies. Students who have accumulated more than 9 absences will not receive credit unless an appeal is granted.  


Last Modified on August 23, 2010