• Advanced Algebra 302




    Students should have received their textbook which they are allowed to leave at home for studying and homework.  
    Notes and assignments are posted on google docs.  See Web Resources for the links.
    Course Description:
    Advanced Algebra 302 is a one-year math class that emphasizes contextual learning, hands-on experiences, and applications of Algebra in real-life situations.
    Instructional Philosophy:

    Students will review the basic skills of math in addition to the main concepts and principles of Algebra.  Information will be presented in the form of lecture, group projects and independent study (homework).  Through these assignments and activities, students are expected to develop the ability to work cooperatively in groups as well as build their critical thinking and problem solving skills.

    For each unit, there will be opportunities to practice and test. 

    Course Goals/Objectives/ Projects and Assignments:

    The major units of study will include:

    • Function analysis
    • Inverse/Direct variation
    • Linear equations
    • Systems of equations 
    • Quadratic equations
    • Logartihms
    • Inverses functions
    • Data Analysis
    • Trigonometry, including Unit Circle and functions

Last Modified on September 7, 2014