• Ambassador Program 

    A new program geared toward potential champions in the community. The ambassador program will be a workshop series where key community members are invited to learn more about the district and its schools and operations. The program’s focus will be to create a sense of pride and knowledge among program participants to enable them to act as ambassadors and advocates for the Sedro-Woolley School District. Interested applicants should apply through this form


    Monthly Workshops:


    October Workshop: Overview of SWSD and Work of the School Board  

    • SWSD Mission and Vision

    • Organizational Structure

    • Departmental Leadership

    • Work of the School Board/Election Process

    • Board Responsibilities

    • Governance vs. Management

    • Board Structure/Committees


    November Workshop: Instruction

    • Instructional Department Structure

    • Special Education

    • ELL

    • Ci3T and MTSS Overview

    • Instructional Best Practices Then vs. Now 


    January Workshop: Human Resources, Finance, Technology & Transportation

    • Overview of HR Department Functions

    • Staff Shortage/Recruitment

    • Overview of Finance & Technology Department Functions

    • SWSD Budget Process

    • Overview of Transportation Departments

    • Tour of SSB and Bus Shop


    February Workshop: Maintenance and Facilities

    • Overview of Maintenance Department

    • Capital Levy projects (now and future goals)

    • Tour of completed Capital Levy projects


    March Workshop: CTE Program; High School & Beyond Plans

    • Overview of Career and Technical Education Programs

    • Walking Tour of C Building at SWHS 


    April Workshop: Food Services, Closing Activity

    • Closing meal prepared by Food Services Staff

    • Food Services Department Overview

    • Participant Reflections/Discussion/Questions


    May: SWSD 101 Ambassador Recognition at School Board Meeting

    • Recognize SWSD 101 Ambassador graduates

    • Presentation on Program to School Board