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    Driver's Ed

    ( If you fill out an application you will be added to the waiting list!  You will be notified if a space opens up)

    Driver's Ed Course Fee: $500

    Late Spring 2023 | May 1- May 31 (classroom dates)

    Class Meeting (parent & student) 6:30 PM April 25 ZOOM

    Afternoon Class

    M, T, W, Th (2:45-4:30 PM)

    Class Meeting Information

    Presentation Document: Late Spring Class Meeting Slides

    Join Zoom Meeting:  Click  for :  Zoom Link

    If the link above isn't working please use this link: https://swsd.zoom.us/

     & "Join a Meeting", then enter the Meeting ID & Passcode when prompted.

    Meeting ID: 827 0016 9997 

    Passcode:  582433 

    To register you must:
    1) Get a DOL Number (directions & Link below)
    2) Complete Application (link below)
    3) Make payment for the course before 1st class (link below)
    1) Get a DOL Number  

    Students must pre-apply for the DOL number & provide it on their course application. This is done online. Link below. Please scroll down to the section with a picture of the permit for instructions & link.

    Students who have registered & paid for the course will receive email instructions on how to get their permits. Students are eligible for permits 10 days before class starts.

    You can do this 2 ways. 1) Students can get a non- photo permit on-line through the DOL account set-up to get their permit number. This means you do NOT have to make an appointment to go into the DOL office until they are applying for their license or 2) Make an appointment with DOL to get a photo permit. (You must take a student's Original Birth Certificate (NOT A COPY) with the embossed seal and/or other linking documents with you.)

    This is what your number will look like:

    W D L __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __  

    If you have a WA State ID card, you already have the number for your application.  

    *DOL Testing Fees are not included.

    2) Complete Application 
    SWSD On-line Application Form  
    3) Course Payment

    Registration application & payment are required to be enrolled in the class.

    Credit Card Payments are now being accepted with a $2.00 service charge.

    Class Tuition: $500.00*  Pay Here (Payment Directions)




    Driver's Education

    Driver's Ed is designed for students 15-18 years old. Students will learn the rules of the road, understand Washington State laws, and get coached driving experience.

    Driver's Ed is a partnership between the school & parents. Our instructors will share a state-approved curriculum in the classroom and behind-the-wheel. Parents play an essential role in practicing the behind-the-wheel concepts in-between scheduled drives.

    With successful completion of this program, students will be eligible to take the DOL Knowledge (written) & Skills (driving) Exams (NOT included in the Driver's Ed Course Fee)

    Sedro-Woolley School District Driver's Ed Program

    Classroom (35 hours)

    • 35 hours TSE Curriculum

    Behind-the -Wheel/Driving (6 hours)

    • 6.0 Hours In Car Instruction

    • Up to 6.0 Hours Car Observation