• All Students:  

    Sept- Characteristics of learners - Culminates in a Self Project


    Central Students

    Students are broken into groups according to their strengths as assessed by the COGaT.

    Quantitative Thinkers: (Logical Mathematical Reasoning skills)

    • October- Rich Math Tasks

    • November- Math of Social Choice, Parliamentary Debate

    • December- Rich Math Tasks

    • January-February- Coordinate Math - culminating in a project

    • March- Rich Math Tasks

    • April- May- 20% Time Projects

    • June- Rich Math Tasks

    Verbal & Non Verbal Thinkers: (Linguistic and Spatial skills)

    • October- January- "Voices of Hope" (Climate Change)- culminating in a project

    • February-March- Book Projects

    • April-May- 20% Time Projects

    • June- Debate


    Students not at Central

    Optional Zoom on Wednesday

    20% time projects

    Optional Zoom on Friday

    Project based learning

    Rich Math tasks