• In these pages you will find the joy of learning.  We work hard, challenge ourselves and embrace creativity.  

    Learning is a multifaceted adventure that takes a team, especially in the 21st century.  Our learning team consists of the learner, the parent/guardian, the classroom teacher, the specialist teachers and the hi cap teacher. It does not end there!  As we use project based learning, so we also rely on our broader school community, the community at large and in the world.

    In Hi-cap, we will challenge ourselves academically, but we will also hone our social skills and pay attention to our emotional well being.  Our end goal is to launch students into life beyond school as people ready to change the world, equipped with skills for navigating and paving the way in our rapidly changing world.

    Watch the adventure unfold right here!



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Elizabeth "Liz" Jenkins

Adventures anyone?  I am so excited to adventure through the school year with you.  I love a good adventure both small and epic. 

Among my favorite adventures are anything outdoors.  I love to hike, bike, run, race, travel and explore.  My greatest adventure of all has been being a mom.

I have been on many adventures including, 6 years teaching public school, and 18 years working in the non-profit world.   I have my BA of education from Whitworth University; MA ed from Lesley University and hundreds of hours of additional coursework.  I love the way learning changes the adventure.  Join me as we adventure together!