•   STEM  
    Possible Careers:    
    Leadership Experience: SkillsUSA  
      Classes in Pathway  
      Advanced Algebra 2 and Drones [contextual learning program]  
      Careers in Education  
      Career Planning  
      High School Biomedical/Body Systems Equivalencies  
      College Credit Available Courses  
      Jason Dilley,  jdilley@swsd101.org  
      Kathy Chace,kchace@swsd101.org  
      Recommended Course Sequence for Pathway Completion  
    Freshman Year    
    Sophomore Year    
    Junior Year Advanced Algebra 2 and Drones  
    Senior Year    
     NCTA Offerings    
      Post High School Training Opportunities  
      Skagit Valley College  
      Military Services  
      Western Washington University  
      other colleges and university  


Last Modified on January 18, 2023