•   Skilled and Technical Sciences  
    Possible Careers: Production, Installation, and Repair, Logistics and Inventory Control, Statistician, Aerospace, Engineer, Architect, Hydrologist, Sound Engineer, Video Game Producer, Social Media Marketing, e-Sports Manager, Digital Producer  
    Leadership Experience: SkillsUSA and FFA  
      Classes in Pathway  
      Beginning Welding  
      Welding I  
      Welding II  
      Welding III  
      Welding IV  
      Welding V  
      Manufacturing Foundations  
      Beginning Woods  
      Wood Technologies I  
      Wood Technologies II  
      Geometry in Construction (GIC) [contextual learning program]  
      Material Sciences  
      Introduction to Manufacturing  
      Core+ Construction Technologies  
      Introduction to E-sports Careers  
      Beginning Auto  
      Intermediate Auto  
      Advanced Auto  
      Engineering I  
      Engineering II  
      AMPED [contextual learning program]  
      Digital Philosophy of Social Media  
      Digital Recording Arts and Sound  
      Career Planning  
      Careers in Education  
      Computer Science I - Future Engineer (CMS Offering)  
      High School Geometry Equivalencies  
      Geometry in Construction  
      Introduction to E-sports Careers  
      High School Science Equivalencies   
      Beginning Auto  
      College Credit Available Courses  
      Engineering I and II  
      Desktop Publishing  
      Beginning Auto, Intermediate Auto, Advanced Auto  
      Rick Garcia, rgarcia@swsd101.org  
      Tracy Manno, tmanno@swsd101.org  
      Dave Young,  dyoung@swsd1010.org  
      Dan Caldwell, dcaldwell@swsd101.org  
      Jason Dilley, jdilley@swsd101.org  
      Doug Pass, dpass@swsd101.org  
      Cassidy Mast, cmast@swsd101.org (CMS)  
      Recommended Course Sequence for Pathway Completion  
    Freshman Year Desktop Publishing, Beginning Welding, Introduction to Manufacturing, Beginning Woods, AMPED, Beginning Auto, Introduction to E-sports Careers  
    Sophomore Year Welding I, Wood Technologies I, CORE+ Construction Technologies, Engineering I, Digital Philosophy of Social Media, Intermediate Auto, Geometry in Construction  
    Junior Year Welding II, Welding III, Material Science, Engineering II, Manufacturing Science, Wood Technologies II, Advanced Auto,   
    Senior Year Welding IV, Welding V  
     NCTA offerings Aerospace Manufacturing, Automotive Services, Construction-Skilled Trades, Video Game Development, Welding  
      Post High School Training Opportunities  
      Skagit Valley College  
      Military Services  
      Western Washington University  
      other colleges and university  


Last Modified on January 18, 2023