•   Family & Consumer Sciences  
    Possible Careers: Restaurant and Food Services, Teacher, Preschool Aid, Social Worker, Interpreter  
    Leadership Experience: FCCLA and ASL Club  
      Classes in Pathway  
      Food Production I  
      Food Production II  
      Food Production III  
      American Sign Language I  
      American Sign Language II  
      American Sign Language III  
      Careers in Education  
      Family Health  
      Child Psychology  
      Elementary School Assistants and Tutors  
      Career Planning  
      High School Biology or Lab Science Equivalencies  
      Food Productions I, II, & III  
      College Credit Available Courses  
      Family Health  
      Child Psychology  
      Rogene Seidel, rseidel@swsd101.org  
      Karin Ovenell-Carter, kovenell@swsd101.org  
      Gavin Grant,  ggrant@swsd1010.org  
      Amy Beebe, abeebe@swsd101.org  
      Recommended Course Sequence for Pathway Completion  
    Freshman Year Foods 1, Family Health, ASL 1  
    Sophomore Year Foods 2, ASL 2, Child Psychology  
    Junior Year Foods 3,  ASL 3, Careers in Education  
    Senior Year ASL 4, Elementary School Assistants and Tutors  
     NCTA offerings Culinary Arts 1 and 2  
      Post High School Training Opportunities  
      Skagit Valley College  
      Military Services  
      Western Washington University  
      other colleges and university  


Last Modified on January 18, 2023