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    What is Contextual Teaching and Learning?

    Contextual Teaching and Learning involves making learning meaningful to students by connecting to the real world. It draws upon students’ diverse skills, interests, experiences, and cultures and integrates these into what and how students learn and how they are assessed. In other words, contextual teaching situates learning and learning activities in real-life and vocational contexts. Students can relate, incorporating not only content, the “what,” of learning, but the reasons why that learning is important.

    What classes are offered?

    Algebra 1 in Manufacturing Processes (Amped) | AMPED on Algebra program contains all objectives and standards delivered in a traditional 4-wall Algebra 1 classroom and will be taught through real-world, project-based lessons, labs, and activities, creating a richer, more robust learning environment for students.  We believe rigor, relevance, and relationships are key to the success of our students.  Additionally, AMPED on Algebra is fully aligned with the national standards.

    Geometry in Construction (GIC) | Geometry in Construction is the second course in the Contextual Learning Concepts frame that connects the content taught in Geometry with the hands-on skill done via the Construction Traits class in CTE. Students will be in a daily class where they will receive both their Math (Geometry) and CTE (Construction Traits) credit for the work they complete. This class is partnered with both the Northwest Career and Technical Academy and Habitat for Humanity to build houses for families that qualify. Students in the class will have the opportunity to have a contextualized experience with both a Math teacher and a CTE teacher to continue their success with their overall graduation goal from high school.

    Advanced Algebra 2 and Drones | Advanced Algebra and Drones is the third course in a contextualized math series. The course connects content taught in Advanced Algebra with the practical skills required to operate a drone professionally. Advanced Algebra introduces students to systems, matrices, and advanced algebraic functions. Students will understand these concepts while learning about the physics of flight, optics, and the use of drones in industries such as agriculture and forestry.

    Credits offered?

    Each course is a dual-credit high school course.  Students will receive the appropriate Math Credit in addition to a CTE credit towards graduation. 

    What is the Class structure?

    Contextual learning classes have two teachers, one teaching the core Math standards and the other teaching the CTE industry standards or Science standards.  Students attend one class one day and the other the next day.

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