•   Business, Communications, & Marketing  
    Possible Careers: Chief Executive Officer, Controller, Entrepreneur, Adjuster, Budget Analyst, Marketing Manager, Human Resource Manager, Development Specialist, Buyer, Retail Sales, Meeting and Convention Planner, Bookkeeper, Office Management, Receptionists, E-marketing, Fashion Designer, Researcher, Public Relations  
    Leadership Experience: FBLA  
      Classes in Pathway  
      Financial Algebra  
      Leadership/Project Management  
      Computer Applications  
      Computer Science I  
      Computer Science II  
      AP Computer Science  
      Digital Design I  
      Digital Design II  
      Digital Communications (CMS Course Offering)  
      Journalism I  
      Journalism II  
      Journalism III  
      Digital Philosophy of Social Media  
      Digital Recording Arts & Sounds  
      Desktop Publishing  
      Careers in Education  
      High School Geometry Equivalencies  
      Digital Design I, II  
    High School 1st credit beyond Geometry Equivalencies
       Ap Computer Science  
      High School Statistics Equivalencies  
      Financial Algebra  
      College Credit Available Courses  
       Digital Communications  
      Journalism I, II, and III  
      Desktop Publishing  
      Digital Design I  
      Jodi Jorgensen, jjorgensen@swsd101.org  
      Kelly Hawkins, khawkins@swsd101.org  
      Bill Cornelius, wcornelius@swsd101.org  
      Anna Ferdinand, aferdinand@swsd101.org  
      Curt Ypma, cypma@swsd101.org  
      Cassidy Mast, cmast@swsd101.org (CMS Only)  
      Recommended Course Sequence for Pathway Completion  
    Freshman Year Digital Communications, Digital Design I, Computer Applications, Desktop Publishing  
    Sophomore Year Computer Science I, Digital Design II, Journalism I, Digital Recording Arts and Sounds  
    Junior Year Computer Science II, Journalism II, Digital Philosophy of Social Media  
    Senior Year AP Computer Science, Journalism III  
    NCTA Offerings Money and Business   
      Post High School Training Opportunities  
      Skagit Valley College  
      Military Services  
      Western Washington University  
      other colleges and university  



Last Modified on January 18, 2023