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    About Graduation Pathways:

    Students have multiple options to seak High School Graduation during their academic experience. CTE offers a pathway through a sequence of courses in a Career Pathway based on the student's High School Beyond Plan (HSBP).  Sedro-Woolley School District offers the following Career Pathways for students: Agriculture, Business/Communications and Marketing, Family & Consumer Science, Health Sciences, Skilled and Technical Sciences, and STEM. 

    Our pathways provide students with annual career and college exploration and preparation experiences to support you to create their personalized plan toward graduation and career. Please work with your Counselor to select the appropriate classes to support your sequence of CTE courses that will allow you to successfully complete your pathway for graduation.  

    A meaningful High School diploma through the CTE Sequence Graduation Pathway for means: The student has completed a sequence of CTE courses that are aligned with their High School Beyond Plan (HSBP), the student is ready for the year past high school for their next steps whether that is additional training, college or a career, and is equal in value and expectations to the other Graduation Pathway options.


    OSPI Meaningful Graduation, High School Beyond Planning matching your Graduation Pathway plus 24 high school credits.


    Complete a sequence of Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses: two or more high school credits of CTE courses in a progression tailored to the student’s goals and relevant to the postsecondary pathway(s) outlined in the student’s High School and Beyond Plan. The sequence may be two courses within the same CTE program area. Sequences made up of courses within more than one CTE program area require local approval and expedited approval through OSPI.

    When scheduling classes and choosing a pathway, please use your High School and Beyond Plan as your starting point, remembering that a .5 credit is a Semester-long and a 1.0 credit course is a year-long course.

    Sedro-Woolley CTE Classes by Pathway:

Sedro-Woolley CTE Classes by Pathway
Last Modified on January 18, 2023