Welcome Back To School!
  • Welcome Back Evergreen!

    Posted by Courtney Sanchez on 9/1/2020

    Evergreen Students and Families, 

    It's back to school time!! And yes, we know it feels WAY different than our usual back to school days.  But - we also know that we can still have a fantastic year together.  As we are meeting, planning and prepping for remote learning, we wanted you to know that you are on our minds and in our hearts.  Check this page for the week leading up to the start of school for videos, pictures and messages from us to you - to let you know how much we have missed you and how excited we are to see you on the first day of school. 


    Evergreen Staff

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By Month

  • 9.3.20: We Can't Wait to See You!

    To our Evergreen Eagles - We know it might feel weird and different getting to know a new teacher and a new class over zoom. You might be feeling worried or nervous - teachers feel this way too! But - we are also SO excited to start learning and growing with you. We can't wait to get to know what makes you special and unique, and to build our classroom communities. As a student, we hope you know that you matter - that you feel seen and heard and like the important part of our community that you are. Today, we made a word cloud about all the ways we want you to feel on the first day of school, and on every day after that. See you soon! - Evergreen Staff

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  • 9.2.20 We Love Our Families!

    "We are so lucky to have such amazing families at Evergreen.  To our parents and guardians - Thank You. We know all the hard work you are doing to make school successful for your students. We are SO grateful for you, and all that you have done in navigating this new world of remote learning.  We look forward to partnering with you in this year ahead.  THANK YOU!!"
    "Que suerte nosotros, para las familias fantasticas que tenemos aqui en Evergreen.  A nuestros padres y guardians - gracias.  Sabemos todo el trabajo que ustedes estan haciendo para estar seguro que el año escolar sea exitosa para sus estudiantes. Estamos MUY agradecidos por ustedes y por todo lo que hacen en la navegacion del mundo nuevo de aprendizaje remoto.  Estamos emacionados a colaborar con ustedes este año. iiMUCHISMAS GRACIAS!!"
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  • 9.1.20. We've Missed You!!

    "We have missed you Evergreen Family! We are back at school, planning and prepping for our school year ahead. We know it will be different than normal, but we also know we will make it a great year together. We can't wait to see you on the first day!" Love, Evergreen Staff

    Click the link to see a quick video we made to tell you how much we miss you and how excited we are to see you soon. 

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