FCCLA Step1 Web Quest

  • Come and explore new horizons on the Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) Step1 Webquest!

    Step One is designed to introduce new members to the organization and to serve as a review for repeat members. Members will discover more about FCCLA and what it has to offer after completing this activity. They will learn about the organization’s programs and how to complete them. The FCCLA WebQuest is a fun way to educate your members and perhaps brush-up on your knowledge of Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. Using Step One allows students to become aware of what opportunities are out there and how to pursue them. 

    FCCLA is Here to Help Members, Like You, Travel Beyond Their Limits. Joining FCCLA will broaden your creative thinking, allow you to experience leadership, build essential life skills, and create new friendships. Step One will give you the opportunity to search for the answers to your questions about FCCLA and discover new ground. You can find the answers at the FCCLA

    national website=www.fcclainc.org

    state website=www.wa-fccla.org

    Sedro-Woolley High School website


     2019-20 Step One Webquest