• Cutting Lab #3

    Dice/chop and lyonnaise of onions...

    We have not completed this in class, but learning to cut onions is a wonderful resource. Onions are versatile, inexpensive, available year round, can be used fresh, cooked or frozen, so what's not to love (except the crying and smell)? 

    You can freeze your onions for later use by laying them out flat on a sheet pan or other pan. Bag into ziploc bags after a few hours and you will have your onw IQF (individually quick frozen) onions for convenient use whenever you need them. 

    Thee recipe attached is what we normally do in class so you have a food to sample by the end of the lab. It is not necessarily practical for home use, and I do not intend for you to make it. Instead, I would love to see you practice the cutting skill and use the finished cuts as you see fit to best benefit your family. 

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  • Cutting Lab #2

    Cutting lab number 2 focused on: mince, chiffonade and dice. The finished products were used to create bruscetta. 

    *Toast baguette slices brushed with olive oil

    *Combine the basil, garlic and tomatoes with balsamic vinegar, mozzarella cheese and salt to taste

    *Spread evenly over bread and bake or broil until lightly browned


    Other ideas:

    *use with your favorite cracker or chips as a tip

    *stuff or smoother chicken with the mix for a "Chicken Bruschetta" 

    *Use as cold topping on steak or burgers to add flavor and nutrition

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  • Cutting Lab #1

    Basic overview of cutting skills; includes rondelle and bias cuts of carrots. 

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  • Breadsticks

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  • Surprise Muffins

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