If you are interested in doing Running Start at SVC next year, here is the timeline you should be following:


    • March/ Early April: Turn in an application for Running Start to SVC
    • Submit transcript request from the SWHS Counseling office one week prior, and you send/ deliver to SVC 
    • April: Schedule and take the Compass placement test at SVC or submit SBAC to SVC
    • April: Call and schedule Group Advising at SVC
    • Mid-May- Choose Running Start courses and get an approval form signed by your SWHS counselor. (choose courses from www.skagit.edu using the SWHS Equivalencies) 
    • May/ June- Attend SVC Group Advising and bring a signed form from your SWHS counselor.

                                                                                      What is Running Start? 

    The Running Start program allows high school juniors and seniors to attend college classes and earn high school and college credits simultaneously.  Students may choose to enroll in classes solely at the college, or they can choose to attend a combination of high school and college classes.  


    Who Qualifies for Running Start?

                                         High school juniors and seniors who have earned a cumulative GPA of 2.25 or higher.


     How Does Running Start Work?
    • Running start students attend regular college classes during the school day, in the evening, or through distance education.
    • Upon satisfactory completion of the course requirements, college, and high school credits are granted. This credit (& grade) is posted to both your high school and college transcripts.
    • Classes must be "college-level" (course number 100 or higher)
    • Five college credits are equal to 1 high school credit
    • Tuition is free.  However, transportation, books, supplies, and non-course related fees are the responsibility of the student.
    • Eligible students may enroll in up to 15 credits per quarter through Running Start.
    • A maximum of six consecutive college quarters is allowed for eligible high school juniors. A maximum of three consecutive college quarters is allowed for eligible high school seniors.
    • Summer Quarter is not funded by Running Start.
    • Transferability of college credits, and whether they apply to a degree at a 4-year institution, may vary. Students should work closely with a SVC counselor to choose their courses wisely.         

    SWHS & Skagit Valley College Course Equivalencies

       SVC Credit = Sedro-Woolley High School Credit

    1 SVC Credit = 0.20 SWHS Credit

    2 SVC Credit = 0.40 SWHS Credit

    3 SVC Credit = 0.60 SWHS Credit

    4 SVC Credit = 0.80 SWHS Credit

    5 SVC Credit = 1.00 SWHS Credit

    ~Classes other than those listed here must be approved before taking them if the class is to be counted for a graduation requirement
    **Students are recommended to take both a Composition and a Literature course prior to graduation if planning to attend a University.**
    Junior English:  100 level or above Composition course (5 credits) OR 100 level or above Literature (5 credits)
    Senior English:  100 level or above Composition (5 credits) course OR 100 level or above Literature course (5 credits) OR Journalism 100 level or above OR Communications-Public Speaking CMST 220
    **Seniors need both if planning to attend a university; or 1 to meet the 1/2 credit SWHS grad requirement. 
    Biology:  BIO 100 or BIO 160  
    Chemistry:  CHEM 100, CHEM 110, CHEM 121 or CHEM 161 
    Physics:  PHYS 100, PHYS 111, PHYS 134, PHYS 241
    Science Elective (Class of 2019 & 2019 Only): Astronomy, Earth Science, Geology, Oceanography, or Environmental Conservation

    Math:  Any Math class - **For the full sequence of Pre-Calculus take (Math 141 & 142) and for Calculus (Math 151 & 152).**

    19th and 20th Century US History: HIST 148 (preferred) OR HIST 147 (accepted)

    History Elective: (1 class from the CDI/CFI list below OR Anthropology OR Psychology)

    WA State HistoryHistory- Pacific Northwest History

    CDI/Civics Political Science:  POSC 202 American Government (preferred) OR POSC 101 Intro Political Science (accepted)

    CFI  Political Science:  POSC 203 International Relations (preferred) OR Social Science SOSC 100 Global Issues (accepted)

    Health:  PSYCH 180 “Human Sexuality” and PE (PE 100, PE 200, PE 204 and PE 205: one of these)

    Physical Education:  Any PE class (Except for the ones listed above for Health)

    Fine Arts: Any Art, Music, or Choir class

    Occupational Education:  Any vocational class         

    Electives:  Any college classes selected with HS counselor

    For more information or to apply, see your high school counselor.
Last Modified on August 4, 2022