• The Drinking Gourd

    by F.N. Monjo Year Published:
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  • The Chocolate Touch

    by Patrick Catling Year Published:

    A boy acquires a magical touch that turns everything his lips touch into chocolate

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  • Day of Glory

    by Philip Spencer Year Published:

    It is a day of blood and a day of glory and it begins on the village green in Lexington and spreads toward small towns like Concord. Brave colonists, united in their bid for freedom, stand up against the British Soldiers and drive them back to Boston.

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  • Case of the Wandering Weathervanes

    by E.W. Hicks Year Published:

    The reputation of the Mcgurk Detective Organization is at stake! Someone has stolen Brains Bellingham's latest invention.

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  • Call of the Wild

    by Jack London Year Published:

    Novel by Jack London, published in 1903 and often considered to be his masterpiece. London's version of the classic quest story using a dog as the protagonist has sometimes been erroneously categorized as a children's novel. Buck, who is shipped to the Klondike to be trained as a sled dog, eventually reverts to his primitive, wolf like ancestry. He then undertakes an almost mythical journey, abandoning the safety of his familiar world to encounter danger, adventure, and fantasy. When he is transformed into the legendary "Ghost Dog" of the Klondike, he has become a true hero

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  • Cages

    by Peg Kehret Year Published:

    Shoplifting, family alcoholism, and a struggle for personal honesty are the themes in this competently
    drawn problem novel told in third person and featuring ninth-graders Kit and Tracy, long-time best
    friends. A strict and caring teacher plays a supporting role. The Horn Book, 1991

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  • bunnicula

    by James Howe Year Published:

    Harold the Dog and Chester the Cat are madcap sleuths on the trail of Bunnicula, the rabbit. A vampire bunny? Chester the cat thinks the new arrival to the family is actually a vampire - and is convinced when white vegetables are drained of their juices. But how can the pets warn their masters of this new deadly danger?

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  • Bridge to Terabithia

    by Katherine Paterson Year Published:

    The life of a ten-year-old boy in rural Virginia expands when he becomes friends with a newcomer who subsequently meets an untimely death trying to reach their hideaway, Terabithia, during a storm. Jess copes with tragedy by going to a secret kingdom in the woods invented by newcomer Leslie Burke.

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  • Black Pearl

    by Scott O'Dell Year Published:

    Sixteen-year-old Ramon has just harvested the biggest pearl he has ever seen from an underwater cave where a monster devilfish lurks. But neither Ramon nor his father can foresee the trouble such a gem can bring. A coming-of-age story in which Ramon learns the family art of pearl diving and respect for the legend that surrounds the giant pearl he finds in a sea creature's cave.

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