• Advanced Guitar Blues Project

     Baby, Please Don't Go
    This basic call and response blues tune was first introduced to me by TJ Wheeler for the "Blues Roots to Hendrix" workshop through EMP. Listen to each of the versions below and see how the same simple tune can evolve and change.
     Use the links below to begin learning various elements of the Blues.
    Remember that the Blues uses a shuffle or swing rhythm, like how an egg would roll end-to-end across a table.
    Think: "One---a-Two---a-Three---a-Four---a-One."
    As this project evolves, so will this website. Plan on learning something from each of the element links below.
     Basic Blues Shuffles   Website Start here. Learn at least two patterns to start with.
     12-Bar Blues Website Full blues pattern using Basic Shuffle Pattern #1.
     Bass Patterns
     Want it even simpler? or to play on bass? Check these out.
     40 Finger-Picking Patterns Website You'll need these patterns to add a lead-guitar effect. Laid out easy-hard with a demo video for each!
     Turn-Around Time Website Time to get fancy. These turn-arounds add color and style to the end of each 12-bar section. TAB and demo video.
Last Modified on January 27, 2016