Sedro-Woolley School District Title I, Part A Programs

    Title I, Part A, is a federal program that provides additional reading and math support to students at Central, Evergreen, and Mary Purcell Elementary Schools.  Programs vary some by building, but additional instructional assistance can be:

    · Teaching materials which supplement a student’s regular instruction

    · Teachers and instructional aides

    · One-to-one or small group instruction


    Two Models of Title I Programs

    Title I Schools choose to implement a Schoolwide Program or a Targeted Assistance Program.

    In SWSD, Mary Purcell, Central and Evergreen run Schoolwide Title I Programs and State Street High School runs a Targeted Assistance Program.. 

    Schoolwide Program

    Targeted Assistance Program

    ·         Schools must have 40% poverty or greater to implement a Schoolwide program

    ·      Funds are used to improve the overall academic program of the school

    ·      A Title I Schoolwide team must annually develop a Schoolwide plan that includes the following:

    o   Comprehensive needs assessment

    o    School wide reform strategies

    o   Provision for instruction by highly qualified professional staff 

    o   Strategies for increasing parental involvement

    o    Plans to facilitate transition from preschool to elementary school

    o    Measures for including teacher input to improve student performance and the overall instructional program

    o   Provision of assistance to struggling students

    ·      Students are screened using multiple assessments and must meet certain academic criteria to be eligible to receive Title I services

    ·         Title I students work with a Title I teacher in either a pull out or push in model to accelerate their progress in reading and or mathematics

    ·         The academic growth made by Title I students is tracked and reported to parents

    ·         Parents of Title I students are invited to participate in activities that support the learning at home




    To learn more about the programs at your school, contact:



    Melissa Stahlberg  mstahlberg@swsd.k12.wa.us  (360)855-3560

    Nicole Seegers  nseegers@swsd.k12.wa.us (360)855-3560


    Becky Studebaker bstudebaker@swsd.k12.wa.us  (360)855-3545

    Mary Purcell:   

    Christina Leber cleber@swsd.k12.wa.us  (360)855-3555 

    Amber Deffinbaugh adeffinbaugh@swsd.k12.wa.us (360)855-3555

    State Street High School:

     Barb Askland baskland@swsd.k12.wa.us (360)855-3753    


    Laurinda (Rinny) Shelton  rshelton@swsd.k12.wa.us  (360) 855-3879