• Mary Purcell Elementary: Parental Involvement Policy


    Mary Purcell Elementary has a School-Wide Title program. We have developed a Title plan with staff and parents to best meet the needs of our students. The Mary Purcell Leadership Team, which includes parental involvement, will continue to monitor the implementation and improve the Title plan on an annual basis. The Leadership Team meets on a monthly basis.


    Meetings and Dissemination of Information

    Information on our School-wide Title program, student assessment, and achievement information is available at our Open House in September and parent conferences in October. In addition, in the beginning of the year, the principal explains our Title program and assessments to our parent group at an evening meeting. We also send information regarding the program home in our newsletter.


    Our principal, Mr. Cullum, or our Title teachers, Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Leber, are available at anytime through a visit, phone call, or email with any questions regarding our programs.


    Parent training and activities

    We have a variety of specific trainings and activities for parents, which include:


    ·         Dissemination of a parent volunteer handbook;

    ·         Developing Highly Capable People is a program offered by the district and is open to parents district wide.

    ·         Kindergarten parents receive training in study skills, homework strategies. 

    ·         District wide Title I parent coordinator will provide many opportunities throughout the year for parents to receive training.

    ·         Ongoing school-home communication facilitated by the school counselor and the Title I program, our school administration and our weekly and on-line bulletin.

    ·         Planners go home each night and are sent back to school each day for grades 3-6, and classroom newsletters are sent home with students.

    ·         Parents of students in Title supported reading groups are provided homework strategies.

    ·         Parents are informed of Title, Part A requirements at open house.

    ·         We hold evening events and book fairs to involve parents, as well as encouraging participation in the classroom.

    ·         The Title Compact is shared with parents at Open House in September.


    Using Data

    We rely on data to guide our building decisions. We use data such as DIBELS, MSP and MAP data to provide academic interventions, and schedule reading groups. We also keep data on the number of parents participating in parent activities. They are monitored and evaluated relative to the types of activities and types of communication which result in the greatest level of participation. 


    Linking with Community Services

    We make an effort to link our parents to other community services.

    The school counselor will serve as the primary source of resource identification and referral for families needing to access community programs such as the Division of Children and Family Services, Skagit County Health Department Healthy Kids Program, the Skagit Valley Literacy Council, Community Action Agency, Skagit Community Mental Health, Catholic Community Services, the local food bank, ARIS, and YMCA After School Program, as well as the Sedro-Woolley Head Start, Boys and Girls Club, and Friendship House (homeless shelter).


    Providing Assessment Information to Parents

    Individual student progress during the first trimester will be discussed with parents during the fall conferences scheduled in November.  In addition to classroom teachers, the instructional support specialists, ELL staff and special education staff will provide feedback for parents relative to the progress of at-risk, limited-English proficient, and disabled students, throughout the year in a variety of ways, including phone calls, newsletters, progress reports, and parent conferences.


    February conferences provide additional time for classroom teachers, the counselor, and Title staff to further apprise parents of their student’s progress.  Parents receive notices of their child’s Accelerated Reading program progress through TOPS reports and are invited to each reading celebration assembly.


    Parents are encouraged to request meetings with the Title teacher or building principal directly or through the building secretaries with requests, suggestions, or questions.


Last Modified on September 4, 2014