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    School Board Meeting Procedures and Protocol


    Welcome to this meeting of your school board. Your views and interest in education are important to the Board and administration. Whether your purpose of attending this meeting is to bring information or an issue to the Board's attention or observation, we hope you leave with a better understanding of your public schools and its school board.

    Guidelines for Addressing the Board of Directors

    • During the Public Suggestion and Comment, at the beginning of the meeting, the Board listens to comments from the audience. The Board is interested in hearing your concerns, and your compliments, too. It is best to call the superintendent's office a couple days before the meeting, so the board can be prepared with information that may be helpful to you. If you wish to comment please follow the guidelines listed below.
    • Sign-in: name, address, and telephone number, for possible follow-up communication.
    • Stand at podium and address Board President: stating your name, address, and purpose for speaking. Please be aware only program issues will be discussed in public session, as the Board cannot comment or discuss personnel items in an open Board meeting. Please keep your comments concise, non-emotional, and brief (three minutes).

    How the Board Operates
    As the Board meeting progresses you will notice that there is quick action to many items. This is due to the procedures for advising the Board of these issues prior to the meeting. Background material on Board meeting agenda items are sent to the Board before each meeting for their review. Routine items are listed under the consent agenda section and approved as a group. Agendas are available for you to follow along. Although the Board of Education meeting is a meeting in public, it is not a public meeting. Proper etiquette throughout the regular meeting would be to remain silent while the Board discusses its business or listens to presentations.

    Executive Sessions
    An executive session provides the Board an opportunity to discuss specific issues (personnel selection or evaluation, negotiations, staff complaints, student-discipline appeals, or real estate transactions where public disclosure would be damaging to individuals or the general welfare of the district) excluding the public and media. Before going into an executive session, the Board president must announce the estimated session length. Discussion only will occur during executive session, all action is taken in open/public session.

    About your School Board
    Board members serve a four-year term and are elected and serve from the areas of the community where they live. Board members spend a great deal of time on many details involved in providing a quality education and making decisions in areas of building maintenance, budget development, legal issues, and providing long-range planning. Communication is important to the School Board in making sound, critical decisions that impact what and how children learn. The Board is a legal-governing body and can only make decisions as a body. Information can be communicated individually or through the superintendent's office, 360-855-3500.


    Your current School Board Members are:                    

    President Christina Jepperson; Vice President & Legislative Representative Eric A. Johnson; Legislative Representative Enrique Lopez Cisnerso; W.I.A.A. Representative Gary Johnson. Superintendent Phil Brockman.


Last Modified on February 6, 2018