• P.E.


    Special P.E Units


     Football Unit Skills (throwing, catching, punting, kicking, handoffs) Application - passing routes, running routes, flag football games
       Golf Unit  Skills (putting - set up, grip, stroke, tempo) Application - putt putt golf mats, wiffle ball golf
      Volleyball Unit     Skills (bump, dig, set, serve) Application - volleyball games
      FitnessGram Unit (Trifit) This is the assessment used for the Presidential Youth Fitness Program.
    Skills - (P.A.C.E.R - aerobic endurance, Push Ups - strength, Curl Ups - strength, Leg Stretches - flexibility)
      Basketball Unit  Skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, lay ups, defensive stance/moves) Application - offensives, defenses, and basketball games
      Soccer Unit  Skills (dribbling, passing, blocking) Application - offensive/defensive moves, and soccer games
      Hocky Unit Skills (dribbling, passing, shooting, defensive and offensive stance/moves) Application - offence, defense, hockey games, and scooter hockey
       Jump Rope Unit Skills (jumping, hopping, aerobic movement) Application - coordinated movement, cooperative partner jumping, Jump Rope for Heart
      Cooperative Games 
    Skills (movement, agility, catching, throwing, blocking, running, jumping, teamwork, cooperation, sportsmanship)
    Sample Games (Titanic, Battleship, Pony Express, Yoshi, Jedi, Pin Down)
      Balance/Hand-Eye Coordination 
    Skills (movement, agility, catching, throwing, balance - 1 - 5 point balance activites) Set-Up: Various Stations
    Catching and Throwing Unit
    Skills (movement, agility, catching, throwing, cooperative activities)  Set-Up: Various Stations
         Parachute Unit    
    Skills (movement, agility, teamwork, cooperation)





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