• Homework
    Ongoing Assignments:
    *Nightly Reading/Signing Calendars:
        Kindergarteners are expected to read, or be read to, at least 20 minutes every night.  The person reading with them then initials their calendar in their folder which is checked the next morning at school. 
    What if no one is available to read with my kindergartener?  Students can call someone (maybe grandma?) on the phone and get their reading done that way.  They can read to a favorite doll, pet, or stuffed animal.  Practice and exposure to illustrations, letters, words, and books in general is the goal.
    What do we need to do with the little books sent home with my child?  Our "pre-decodables" (books with sight words and pictures to read) and "decodables" (books with sight words and words that can be read by the letter sounds) are to be read again and again in order for the sight words in them to become automatic for your student to recognize.  Examples of sight words would be "the", "here", "is", "go", "have".
    Read these books and have the first two readers initial the book they have read with your student.  Send the initialed book back in to school to be checked off, then keep it at home to read it again and again.
    *Theme Sharing:
         Throughout the year, our reading and integrated learning follows units, or themes.  We try to find pictures, objects, drawings, and photos that remind us of that theme. 
    At home, your child can search for theme-related items in magazines, newspapers, their own artwork, objects, photos, and the like, then bring them in to be added to our bulletin board area for sharing and discussion.  
    Below are listed the year's themes along with the sight words (coming soon) introduced during each unit.  All items sent in for our bulletin board are returned at the end of each unit.
    Off to School
    Finding Friends
    By the Sea
    Stick to It
    My Shadow
    Ready, Set, Grow!
    Red, White, and Blue
    Windy Days


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