• Packing and Busing Information Before Camp.

    Posted by Jerry Gardner on 4/14/2018 9:00:00 AM
    As we get closer and closer to camp here are the detailed fliers that are going home this week. 

    IN TOWN School INFO



    Please note that YOU MUST drop off your bags Monday night at Evergreen between 5-7:30pm.
    On Pick-Up Day, NO PARKING WILL BE AVAILABLE AT EVERGREEN ELEMENTARY.  Park at the Church, please.


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  • Advice to Students from Past Participants

    Posted by Jerry Gardner on 4/8/2018 9:00:00 AM
    Advice to 6th Graders
    (from former Camp Orkila Students)
    • Take a warm sleeping bag

    • Hang out with new people

    • Go all the way on the Big Swing – no regrets

    • Things that look scary are really very fun!

    • Try everything – Even if you don’t want to...

    • Work together as a TEAM.

    • Don’t talk when counselors are talking, you miss out on activities.

    • Don’t hang with people making poor choices.

    • Pack lightly – you must carry your bag a long way

    • Try the Archery Range

    • Have fun in a positive way

    • Be Mature.

    • Stay with your Counselors.

    • Listen to where you are supposed to be.

    • Make sure you know what activity you are doing.

    • Don’t go off trails.

    • Don’t let people talk you into poor choices.

    • Stay away from cabins during Rec-Time

    • Don’t just hang out during Rec-Time – PARTICIPATE!

    • Be quiet during Flight From Mordor

    • Try new things

    • Nothing was boring

    • Don’t complain about activities.

    • Get good sleep the night before Camp.

    • Go to sleep on time.

    • Wake up early to take a shower

    • Be Yourself

    • Have Fun

    • The Food is good

    • Use extra pads to block door at night

    • Don’t over eat at meals

    • Bring extra shoes and socks

    • Don’t bring your new shoes

    • Bring warm clothes

    • Dress in Layers

    • Bring Hair Ties

    • Put extra clothes in sleeping bag for warmth.

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