• Expectations

    Use of the Planner:  We use the planner daily!  I expect this and model how it should be filled out. The planner is a tool that should become a "habit" and used now, as it will become essential as studetns head on to middle and high school.  The planner will help keep track of assgnments, expectations, important due dates, etc.  This is a great resource for parents to stay connected to what is happening at school, both daily and long range.  Please encourage use of the planner as an organizational tool. 
    The homework link on my website is meant to be an alternate source for keeping track of homework. 
    Evergreen Expectations
    1.  Come to school ready to learn
    2.  Treat each other well
    3.  Keep hand and feet to yourself
    The 6th grade teacher team came up with expectations we feel are age appropriate and should be followed, in addition to our school-wide expectations. These are:
    • Be a leader
    • Be respectful and responsible
    • Be prepared

Last Modified on September 13, 2010