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    The VISIONS Program in Clear Lake Washington offers an exceptional educational experience for our children, grades 1-6, through generous parental involvement.

    VISIONS was originally started in 1991 by a dedicated teacher and a few parents looking to provide a different learning approach to their children's education. VISIONS integrates traditional curriculum with innovative approaches to serve diverse ways of learning.

    VISIONS is a public school and meets all of the state standards, while going much further. Not only are all of the skills and subject of any school taught here, but business, art, music and language as well.

    Yearly themes help students tie in their lessons around a common subject. Themes change with each school year and are chosen by our teachers. Past themes have included: space, oceans, community, watershed, and sustainability.

    Monthly field trips centered around the lessons being taught add a hands on element to the educational experience and improve retention of the subject matter.
    The keys to success in the VISIONS Program are our parents, teachers and community, and the strength of the relationships between them.
    VISIONS teachers are committed to our program, and are fully supported by the parent group. The parent group provides for additional supplies, additional training and classroom volunteers. VISIONS parents are asked to be fully committed to the program as well.  Parents are also asked to contribute to the funds that are needed to operate the program.
    All monitary donations made to VISIONS are tax deductible.
Last Modified on February 17, 2022